Infinite Travel – Motion Bank Remix

We created a Oculus Rift film based on Motion Bank which is a project by Wiliam Forsythe who is a well known choreographer, the Frauenhofer IDG and HFG Offenbach.. They let different dancers perform to the score ‚no time to fly‘ by Deborah Hay and collected about 4 terrabyte of tracking data. Our task was to interprete and remix the score. Based on the information we created a film with Cinema4D and Python. In our translation we primarily focused on the moods that were described in the scenes. We picked up 3 scenes and interpreted them in our own way for the visualization. We ended up with an interactive movie where the user can choose his own point of view in a spherical panorama. For this purpose we used the Oculus Rift.

awards: Zukunftspreis Kommunikation – categoriy Media

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