Hello! We are Cinematic Bakery

We are multidisciplined designer specialise in motion graphics and virtual reality visualizations. If you’ve got an exciting project, we’d love to get in contact with you!

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OUR Services

We’re designer for motion design and much more.



We offer all kind of 3D visualiztions with an oculus integration. So you are able to walk through your blueprints.

Virtual Reality

The virtual reality is our biggest passion. We love to create new worlds for this media. It gives you a completely new experience.

Motion Design

This is our original field. You want to get some sexy movement into your graphics – thats your category!


The only category where we go outside. Just kidding. We love to tell stories, and much more we love to combine these with great images.


CinematicBakery that are two mediadesigner with a passion for virtual reality and motiondesign. We like to use new technologies in our projects to fascinate the people.

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